Huka Co-Pilot 3 | Rear-Steer Tandem Tricycle

HERBIE the Huka Co-Pilot 3 is a really exciting addition to our fleet. As a rear-steer tandem trike it allows the rider on the front to be piloted by one of our trained riders.

The smaller, front double wheels enable the front seat passenger to feel confidence, security and stability. Ideal for those with balance challenges or those who often feel insecure or nervous on two wheels and great for getting exercise, as you pedal leisurely. We average 6 mph so no need to worry about fitness... we go slowly !

If you think Herbie might suit your needs or you are the parent / carer of an adult who you feel could enjoy cycling using Herbie... then make that booking and enjoy the ride as we roll along !

Reservations can be made up to 30 days in advance.

Herbie image Herbie image